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Posted workers lawyer

Comprehensive legal, tax and administrative services for posted workers

Hodak specialises in facilitating seamless solutions for companies posting or needing seconded staff in their companies between the Netherlands and Central Europe. Its tailor-made services address the unique complexities of international secondments and ensure a smooth and compliant process for both employers and employees.

Hodak’s expertise

  • Legal compliance: navigating the complex legal frameworks of both home and host countries to ensure that all postings are fully compliant.
  • Tax advice: mitigate risks of non-compliance through expert, tailored tax advice on the nuances of cross-border posting.
  • End-to-end administration: comprehensive support from our partners, from documentation to on-site assistance, ensuring that every aspect of the posting process is covered.
  • Digital solutions: using a state-of-the-art digital platform to streamline the entire posting lifecycle, making processes more efficient and transparent to government control.

Specialised support in key sectors

Hodak offers industry-specific expertise for seconded workers in construction, agriculture and logistics to respond to the rising demand and unique challenges within these sectors in the Netherlands.

Why choose Hodak

  • Legal expertise: Dutch legal and tax expert with in-depth knowledge of both the Dutch and Central European legal and tax environments, ensuring seamless compliance and effective conflict resolution.
  • Efficient administration: Hodak’s partners offer complete management of all administrative aspects, from document processing to payroll.
  • Cultural integration: Hodak helps overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, ensuring smooth integration into the Dutch working and business environment.

Comprehensive secondment support

From pre-deployment preparations to post-deployment procedures, the firm along with its partners provides full support, ensuring ongoing assistance and robust compliance with all legal requirements during the posting period.

Work with Hodak

Rely on Hodak’s holistic approach to manage every facet of the posting process to the Netherlands with precision and expertise. Get in touch to ensure your company’s success in international secondments.

For legal help from a Hodak attorneys in the Netherlands,
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