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Corporate Lawyer

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Corporate lawyer

Hodak offers advice and legal assistance on virtually all facets involved in business and operations. Depending on what the situation requires, the firm can take a prominent role or operate discreetly in the background.

Like you, Hodak’s corporate lawyer is also an entrepreneur, which makes the firm ideally suited to think strategically with you about various aspects of your business. This includes the structure of your business, suitable partnerships and even business acquisition or sale. The firm assists you in working out financing options and drafting or reviewing contracts and general terms and conditions.

Entrepreneurship is inherently risky. Hodak’s lawyer will work with you to minimise these risks. He does this by creating necessary collateral and making arrangements that minimise risks, not only for the company, but also for executives, regulators and shareholders. Director-major shareholders (DGAs) are very welcome at the firm.

In corporate law, Hodak looks beyond legal requirements. The firm’s approach includes strategic and operational elements in addition to legal ones. You can count on its expertise, practical attitude, quick response and accessibility. If necessary, Hodak can also take legal action. This is the quality and versatility you can expect from the firm.

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Welcome to Hodak law firm. The firm provides high quality legal advice to the local business owners, international companies, the non-profit organizations and the individuals. Hodak specializes in handling complex case with a clear and effective approach and communication. It strives for client success through dispute prevention and through a strategic and tactical approach in legal processes, supported by the in-depth knowledge of various sectors and a strong international focus. Transparency, integrity and accessibility are Hodak's core values, through which the firm builds a relationship of trust with clients.

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