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Real Estate and Construction Lawyer

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Real estate and construction lawyer

Conflicts in real estate and construction law can not only jeopardise your projects, but can also have significant financial consequences. These can range from contractual disputes and completion agreements to hidden defects and required permits. This applies not only to you as our client, but also to government licensing authorities and other stakeholders.

To tackle these complex issues effectively, you need a legal expert from an early stage. A professional who not only develops a strategic approach, but also has thorough knowledge of the often complicated legislation and understands complex relationships between different parties. In short, someone who can communicate clearly and efficiently, while acting decisively and effectively in legal proceedings or construction arbitrations.

Hodak masters these disciplines to perfection. The firm specialises in converting extensive expertise quickly and efficiently into practical, clear legal advice that puts your interests first. This makes Hodak the ideal partner to defend your legal and strategic interests. Moreover, the firm can collaborate with specialists in tax law and notarial matters when issues also touch on government and administrative law, to provide you with a comprehensive solution that removes all concerns.

Hodak is here to assist both national and international clients with their legal needs in these complex matters.

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Welcome to Hodak law firm. The firm provides high quality legal advice to the local business owners, international companies, the non-profit organizations and the individuals. Hodak specializes in handling complex case with a clear and effective approach and communication. It strives for client success through dispute prevention and through a strategic and tactical approach in legal processes, supported by the in-depth knowledge of various sectors and a strong international focus. Transparency, integrity and accessibility are Hodak's core values, through which the firm builds a relationship of trust with clients.

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