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Investing in Ukraine – Legal Support

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Hodak understands the complexities and challenges Western companies may face when considering investments in Ukraine, especially in these turbulent times. Hodak’s mission is to guide and support your companies in this market, which remains promising despite the war, so that you can navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

Navigating the economic landscape

The current economic situation in Ukraine, affected by the recent hostilities, has undoubtedly created unique challenges. However, it has also highlighted the resilience and adaptability of the Ukrainian economy and people. With some regions liberated and others continuing to successfully resist and businesses resuming operations, Ukraine’s economic recovery, although gradual, is on the way. This resilience, combined with the country’s strategic pursuit of EU integration and the potential for rapid post-conflict growth, makes a compelling case for investment.

Investment climate and opportunities

Despite the immediate challenges, Ukraine’s investment climate offers significant opportunities, especially with the expected post-war reconstruction. Sectors such as agriculture, IT, construction and renewable energy offer promising prospects for growth and investment. The firm provides insight and legal support for companies seeking to explore these sectors and ensures a thorough understanding of market dynamics and available investment protection.

Legal services for Western companies

The firm’s services are tailored to assist Western companies at every stage of their investment journey in Ukraine:

  • Market entry and company formation: from due diligence to company registration and compliance with local regulations, Hodak, together with its partners, guides you in establishing your presence in Ukraine.
  • Contract negotiations and deal structuring: leverage Hodak’s expertise in contract law to negotiate favourable terms and protect your investments, whether in partnerships, mergers or acquisitions.
  • Dispute resolution: Hodak’s Ukrainian partners provide solid legal representation in disputes, ensuring your interests are safeguarded in Ukrainian courts or through arbitration.
  • Regulatory compliance and due diligence: stay ahead with comprehensive compliance strategies and thorough due diligence to mitigate the risks of your Ukrainian businesses.
  • Intellectual property protection: secure and enforce your IP rights in Ukraine, a crucial aspect of protecting your investments and innovations.
  • Labour law: navigate the complexities of Ukrainian labour law to effectively manage your workforce and address challenges, from recruitment to dispute resolution.

Collaboration with local network partners

Because Hodak understands the diverse and complex legal challenges that Western companies can face in Ukraine, the firm has established strong partnerships with local network partners. This strategic cooperation enables the firm to address a broad spectrum of legal issues, ranging from local legal requirements to specific industry standards. Local partners are well-versed in the nuances of the Ukrainian legal system and market conditions, allowing Hodak to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions that mitigate risks and maximise opportunities for clients.

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