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Tax Lawyer

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Tax lawyer

Hodak provides tax-legal support to companies, organizations and individuals. Whether it concerns tax issues in the Netherlands or issues in international tax law, Hodak together with its partner specialists is competent to represent you in tax proceedings, up to and including the highest courts.

The firm’s approach is characterized by direct applicability of extensive knowledge and experience. Proactivity, efficiency and a personal approach are standard here. Hodak provides a clear overview of your tax decisions and their legal and administrative consequences.

As a skilled consultant, Hodak serves as a sounding board for businesses, institutions and individuals, as well as their respective advisors.

The firm focuses on multiple facets of tax services, including:

  • Offering detailed tax-legal advice, both on a national and international level
  • Acting as a sounding board for strategic considerations
  • Assisting with corporate structure adjustments
  • Providing second opinions in tax matters
  • Represent in litigation against tax authorities
  • Conducting forensic investigations and preparing reports

With Hodak’s expertise, you are assured of strategic support in all your tax matters.

For legal help from a Hodak attorneys in the Netherlands,
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Welcome to Hodak law firm. The firm provides high quality legal advice to the local business owners, international companies, the non-profit organizations and the individuals. Hodak specializes in handling complex case with a clear and effective approach and communication. It strives for client success through dispute prevention and through a strategic and tactical approach in legal processes, supported by the in-depth knowledge of various sectors and a strong international focus. Transparency, integrity and accessibility are Hodak's core values, through which the firm builds a relationship of trust with clients.

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