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Maxim Hodak

Maxim Hodak

Attorney at law

Maxim Hodak, a Dutch lawyer, has extensive experience in international corporate legal matters, with a focus on assisting clients from Eurasian markets in the Netherlands. His expertise includes corporate law, business law, international trade law, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and the management of complex international projects, as well as tax and financial structuring. He is proficient in multiple languages, including Dutch, German, French, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

His legal career started at Clifford Chance Brussels in 2002. He then worked as an in-house lawyer at ING Bank in the Netherlands. In 2005, he joined an international television station as general counsel and director of the holding company, where he contributed to its international expansion from the Netherlands. Since 2009, Maxim has specialized in providing legal services to Eurasian clients in the Netherlands, particularly focusing on corporate law, contract law, international taxation, asset structuring and project finance.

Maxim Hodak holds an undergraduate degree in Dutch Law from the University of Amsterdam and a postgraduate degree in Investment Finance from the EHSAL Management School in Brussels. He also holds an MBA degree from TIAS Nimbas Business School. His ongoing education in both legal and tax disciplines strengthens his extensive expertise.

Hodak engages the following specialists as a firm:

Ewald de Groot photo

Ewald de Groot


Ewald de Groot is an expert in tax law. He successfully completed his studies in Tax Law at Tilburg University in 2000. He further expanded his expertise by completing the LL.M. program at the European Tax College in 2003.

As a member of the Tax Science Association, Ewald makes an active contribution to the development of tax science in the Netherlands. He is also associated with SDU as an author, sharing his extensive knowledge with a wider audience. In addition, Ewald is known as the initiator of a network focused on doing business in and with Turkey, which emphasizes his international orientation and expertise.

Ewald stands out with his specialized knowledge in two main branches of tax law:

Corporate Tax: He focuses on holding structures, IP/royalty structures and the tax optimization of international activities. His skills in this area are of great value to companies looking to expand and optimize their operations internationally.

Income Tax: Ewald concentrates on issues of migrations and protective assessments, supporting individuals and companies with complex tax challenges.

Ewald’s dedication and expertise make him an essential specialist on our team. He provides “state of the art” services to international business groups and assists accounting firms in assisting their clients. With his extensive knowledge and practical approach, Ewald de Groot is a real asset as a collaborative partner for our organization.

Oleksandr Kravets

Oleksandr Kravets

Senior Legal Counsel

Oleksandr Kravets, a Ukrainian attorney and former judge with many years of experience in the legal field, has a doctorate in law and extensive professional experience, including more than 30 years in his legal field and about 20 years as a judge.

Oleksandr graduated from the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa State University in 1995, from the Odessa Department of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine in 1999, and from the Institute of Judicial Training of the Odessa National Judicial Academy in 2003.

In 2023 he successfully completed the Pre-LLM program at Chicago Kent College of Law, where he continues his LLM studies. He specializes in administrative law (tax, customs and other disputes with authorities) and, after his studies at Chicago Kent College of Law, in corporate law, international transactions, legal project management and business start-up assistance.

He speaks three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Oleksandr began his career as a lawyer in the system of state and local government bodies, headed a legal department, and after retiring as a judge he became an attorney. In 2023, he qualified as a Yellow Belt in Legal Project Management at Chicago Kent College of Law. He participates in the Law and Justice Program at the Aspen Institute-Ukraine (8th cohort 2020) and has numerous academic publications.

Danny Veerman

Danny Veerman

Advisor and Mediator

After studying Dutch law, Danny Veerman started working as an attorney at Van Diepen Van der Kroef Advocaten in 1995.

On December 27, 2023, after being a lawyer for over 27 years, Danny focused on his work as a mediator and an intervision counselor. Throughout his work as a lawyer, he has been increasingly amazed at the amount of time, money, and energy people put into fighting out conflicts.

If only a fraction of that were spent on really and truly listening to each other, conflicts could be resolved much more quickly.

Danny Veerman believes in the power of people to come reconnect with each other, the power to reach a solution on their own with a little help.

In particular, Danny can play a key role in resolving employment conflicts and dismissal issues, mediating disputes between shareholders, executives, board members or partners, and addressing neighbor and family law disputes. He can also be invaluable in issues between government and citizens. His approach, focused on dialogue and mutual understanding, offers a constructive path to reconciliation and resolution, away from wasteful fighting in courts.

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Hodak collaborates with Law & More where required to further strengthen and complement its services with Law & More’s attorneys.

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