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Contract lawyer

Whether you enter into a business or personal agreement, the basis is always a legal contract, oral or written. The importance of a legally sound contract is crucial, especially when conflicts arise. Hodak offers expert guidance in advising on contract law, negotiating and drafting various types of contracts and general terms and conditions.

Contractual breach

When a party fails to fulfil its contractual obligations, the other party has several options. For example, performance or even damages can be claimed, both through summary proceedings and proceedings on the merits.

Franchise contracts

The firm has extensive experience in complex commercial agreements such as franchise contracts. Whether you are the franchisee or the franchisor, Hodak offers practical and efficient solutions that take into account various factors such as intellectual property rights, training, guidance and termination procedures.

Agency agreements

The firm’s expertise also extends to the field of agency agreements. Hodak not only advises on drafting these contracts, but also takes action if litigation is necessary. Legal guidelines on agency agreements, such as the right to commission and obligations of both parties, are well known to the firm.

Distribution agreements

The firm is adept at drafting distribution agreements, where exclusivity in a specific region is often a core component. Hodak has assisted both distributors and suppliers in terminating or entering into such contracts.

Loan agreements

Proper recording of loan agreements prevents uncertainty or conflict. Be it promissory notes or other forms of settlement agreements, Hodak can advise and assist you in this area.

Confidentiality clauses

To protect confidential business information, a confidentiality clause is often indispensable. Hodak can assist you in drafting these important contractual agreements.

Unlawful acts and claims for damages

Acts that cause harm to others may constitute tort. The firm’s extensive experience in the field of liability and damage calculations enables Hodak to advise you thoroughly on possible damage claims.

General contract law

Law of obligations is a vast area within Dutch civil law. Thanks to its many years of experience, Hodak can provide you with broad advice and effectively assist you in possible proceedings.

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