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Immigration Lawyer

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Immigration lawyer

Immigration law deals with matters relating to the admission, residence and removal of non-Dutch citizens. This can range from refugees and family members already living in the Netherlands, to individuals seeking to work here.

Hodak’s expertise in immigration law enables it to support you in applying for a residence or naturalisation permit for yourself, your partner, a family member or an employee. Not only can the firm provide you with advice, but also handle the entire application process for you. If your application is rejected, Hodak can assist you in drafting a notice of objection against the decision of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Do you have a specific question? If so, feel free to contact the office.

Services offered by Hodak:

  • Residence permit application
  • Naturalisation
  • Family reunification
  • Labour migration
  • Highly skilled migrants
  • Application for residence permit

Regular residence permits are all types of residence permits except asylum permits. The IND has strict admission requirements, and failure to meet these criteria may result in a quick rejection of your application. Hodak has extensive experience in applying for various types of residence permits, including:

  • Residence permit for family reunification or family formation
  • Residence permit for self-employed persons
  • Residence permit for EU citizens
  • Residence permit for highly skilled migrants
  • Residence permit for study or orientation year
  • Long-term residence permit
  • Continued residence permit
  • Provisional residence permit (MVV)

Hodak is here to help you, whether you live in the Netherlands or want to come from abroad. Hodak’s broad expertise is your advantage in this complex matter.

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