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Know your customer obligations (KYC)

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As a Dutch law firm and tax advisory organisation, Hodak is legally obliged to comply with Dutch and European anti-money laundering and anti-fraud regulations. This requires the firm to verify the identity of clients before a business relationship can be established and services offered.

Below is a summary of the information usually required and how it should be provided to Hodak. Should you need further assistance in this regard, the firm will be happy to assist you.


Hodak requires an original, notarised document confirming your name and address. Scanned copies are not sufficient. When you visit the office in person, the office can verify your identity and make its own copy for the records.

To verify your identity, Hodak requires one of the following documents:

  • A passport
  • An identity card

These documents must be notarised and, if from abroad, have an apostille.

Address verification

To confirm your address, Hodak will ask for one of the following original documents or notarised copies not older than 3 months:

  • An official residential certification
  • A recent energy or telephone bill
  • A local tax assessment
  • A bank statement
  • A reference

In many situations, Hodak requires a written reference from a professional service provider who has known you for at least a year (such as a notary, lawyer or accountant), stating that you are a trustworthy person who is not expected to be involved in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, organised crime or terrorism.

Business context

To comply with obligations, Hodak often needs to verify your current business background. This should be substantiated by:

  • Company description
  • Recent extract from the commercial register
  • Company brochures and website
  • Annual reports
  • Press releases
  • Board appointments

This information should show how your company or foundation was established.

  • Additional information (if a business entity is involved)

Depending on the type of service you purchase from Hodak, the firm may ask for additional information.

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